April 28, 2014

dreaming of a studio

Last Fall I took a page out of my journal and shared it with Seth when he got home from work. It was called "My Dream Studio." I showed him the little sketch I made and began by describing the light pouring in from giant windows and reflecting off bright white walls to create a glow in the entire room. I talked about how in my dreams this studio would have a vaulted ceiling with exposed wooden beams, a cement floor with a bright pink patterned kilim rug. Part studio part greenhouse with a waist high table on one side for my plants and pots and soil. Lots of textured pillows in window seats and of course a bit of sheep skin here and there. Several old wooden tables for painting stations, scanning and printing stations, and packaging. Large enough to hold a studio open house or teach a small painting class.

I really went on and on about it all. And Seth patiently smiled and nodded. After a long pause he said, "I could build that for you." I laughed thinking "yeah right." My business was so young and it felt new and unpredictable. I don't deserve that kind of studio. "I'm serious. It wouldn't be too hard. I think I could locate some free windows and a door. We could start saving now and add on to the house or build it separate from the house in the back yard," he said.

And so, our conversation began. Since then we've decided many wonderful things about my dream studio. We've saved our pennies. And I've collected hundreds of inspiration images from across the web and compiled them on Pinterest. To find the sources for each of the above images, please visit my Pinterest page titled "studio design."

I do hope to share more on the status of this project as we make slow and steady progress. I'm brimming over with excitement!

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