May 6, 2014

pretty spring

I'm not sure it could be any prettier outside. Dapple light pours into the house all day, surrounded by a cool, sweet smelling breeze of collected perfumes from neighborhood blooming trees. Each day the pup and I wind our way through town, dropping off packages to post, walking out our errands, and soaking up the warm sunshine. The trees have seemed to fill in all the gaps in the alley behind our house. The lilac blooms are SO fragrant right now that I've been stealing small branches from bushes in the alley to bring inside.

Sarge, the lucky boy, gets treats and pats on the head from just about everyone in town. The baby squirrels and bunnies see him trotting down the sidewalk with his nose in the air and ears bouncing and duck behind trees and bushes to avoid the nasty chase that would inevitably ensue.

Meanwhile, I've been dreaming of new paintings and longing for a bit of extra time here and there to sketch out new ideas. Seth and I have been talking up plans for the new studio and possibly bringing a studio assistant on board among other house projects and Summer trip ideas. Spring is just bursting with promise and potential!

How are you getting along? Has this warmer weather ushered your winter blues away? I hope so!

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