May 28, 2014


Lately the sky has been pale blue and cloudy with gentle rain here and there and strong sun in late afternoon. There are certain times of day when it seems like the whole world is glowing bright green and yellow. The trees are full and lush now and all the peonies around town are popping white and pink. I find myself lost in daydreams as I walk Sarge around town every day.I'm so excited for June. Seth and I decided early this year that we may have to skip a vacation in order to cover the cost of the new studio and garage. Our zoning application has officially been submitted and work on those projects will begin very soon! I'm over the moon excited to have a bigger work space. I can't even tell you how renewing it will feel to have an actual studio and not just a desk in the corner of a bedroom. Yay!About a month ago Seth's boss decided to send him to South Carolina in June for training, and we're scheduled to stay a few extra days for fun. I'm thrilled to be tagging along and plan on spending every waking hour on the beach reading a book or painting or just sleeping for crying out loud! :) I'm in desperate need of a nice long break from work to recharge my creative batteries. A "stay-cation" isn't very helpful when you work from home, I've found. Hope your week is short and sweet!
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