July 7, 2014

So much green here lately! My garden has been loving this moody weather. Cool and bright one minute, then dark and stormy and so much rain. This summer has felt peaceful and fun. We're 13 weeks into our pregnancy, and I'm finally off the couch and back to a somewhat normal routine. I love to work in every way but have had to take so much time to rest due to fatigue and morning sickness (that has unfortunately come in waves throughout the entire day). But all in all we are thrilled with the changes God is bringing into our little world! A definite answer to years of prayer and hoping.

We've officially purchased all the parts for our new garage and have broken ground in the backyard in preparation. So exciting! Our old one-car garage (attached to the house) will become my new dream studio complete with multiple work stations, high ceilings, a baby friendly corner, and large open windows. We're really hoping to finish the garage in July and start on the studio come August.

Now that I'm vertical again Sarge and I have resumed our morning strolls through the neighborhood. Walking in this town is like meditation for me. So peaceful and pretty in the strong morning light. Every now and then when the park is empty and quiet, I let Sarge off leash to run wild and free. 

I've been inspired to work in acrylics again after seeing all of Janet Hill's amazing work and just ordered a new set of Golden and Da Vinci fluid acrylics that I'm dying to try. They're supposed to be good for watercolorists wanting to branch out. I have so many canvases stacked in the corner of my studio just waiting for my attention. Hopefully I can free up some time to work on something just for pleasure again.

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