July 28, 2014


For so long I have dreamed of being an illustrator. I think about how great it would feel to create my own line of characters and write stories about them and see them come to life on product and in books. I have countless stories floating around in my drifty little brain about night gardens and squirrel families and galloping white horses. But for some reason I've always been too intimidated to actually write any of my stories down. The characters have lived for years only in my head.

Now it's like something in me has changed and suddenly all of these gathered ideas are pouring out. I take a shower in the morning and think of five more things I need to draw, like, now. I grab my sketchbook before bed and write "make Halloween illustrations with animals in costume" or "outdoor scene of a snowy village." Gosh it feels good to finally say some things. What in the world took me so long to start sketching these ideas out?

My characters are still a little awkward looking to me. I'm definitely not creating things perfectly, but I'm getting there! And I've decided to post pages from my sketchbook on the blog every week starting today. Hooray for progress!

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