July 19, 2011

Zerene Cesonia Butterfly...

Also known as the Dogface Sulphur (which is not as pretty of a name), 
this butterfly is among the first to appear in spring 
and grows up to two in a half inches wide.

Zerene Cesonia Butterfly 5x5 in Watercolor on paper
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I must say, I'm growing quite fond of my Aureolin yellow
and find that it comes in handy not only when I need a bright hue right out of the tube, 
but when I feel the urge to brighten another color (like my greens and blues).  
Just a bit of this yellow and everything turns golden.  

I also love the quality of yellow I get when applying it directly...
it's not that annoying neon yellow but rather has more of a vintage or worn look to it.

Anyways, I was able to finish 3 paintings tonight (a pleasant relief from
 the past few days of inactivity) and will share them soon!
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