August 29, 2011

A bright and sunny weekend...

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Here's a few highlights from this past weekend at the Lincoln Art and Balloon Festival.
I can't emphasize enough how much I enjoy talking to all the different people who visit my booth...especially my little admirers! They are so cute. :)

Several little girls came into the tent and asked if I would draw them, which was hugely flattering and exciting at the same time as I'm always needing models.  I'm looking forward to our first photo shoot...I have some really exciting ideas for new paintings that I'm itching to do.  After this next month's show are complete, I'll be heading back to the drawing board for some intensive painting sessions in which I hope to feature my new models doing fun things like riding animals and playing with puppets.

See the blond in the top photo?  She's one of my volunteer models and is going to make for a beautiful portrait painting!  Oh!  I'm so excited!

*And don't you just love the old suitcases?  They add such character to my booth.  My collection is growing...
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