October 25, 2011

My studio: a fresh new look

Can I show you something truly frightening?

I can't even look at this picture without getting stressed out.
This place has been a distaster zone for the past few months.
With my busy schedule and haste in preparing for shows,
I've really let my studio go to ruins.

There were even a few weeks when I started smelling something bad down there...
before I realized my fern was rotting.
I know what you are thinking.

And yes.  Sometimes my life can be a bit...messy.

Like all messes though, this one finally got to me.
And, after weeks of avoidance and days of grumpiness knowing I'd have to eventually face the giant,
I finally buckled down and cleaned it.

* Sigh of sweet relief *
Here's what I did:

-bought another table for packaging orders
-moved my drafting table to a wall that doesn't creep me out
-nestled the small tables side by side
-cleaned, sorted, filled the garbage at least 5x
-bought a metal shelving unit
-purchased some inexpensive storage bins
-organized my inventory
-gave my unused art supplies to the Doolin kids (you will meet them later, I promise) who were absolutely thrilled and kept giving me hugs

I purchased the shelf and bines here and will be going back for more soon.
Those babies are rocking my world right now.

My studio is now tranquil, organized, clean, odorless, and has the important goods off the floor.

How did I celebrate this enormous victory you ask?
Homemade apple pie with fresh picked apples of course!
I ate 2 slices.

ok...maybe 3.
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