October 26, 2011

Photographing my work

One of the major challenges of running any sort of online business is photographing your product.  I'm currently taking the Etsy Success Team challenge of filling up all 5 slots with photos for each listing. 
And let me tell you,
it's difficult.

Angles, reflection, glare, composition, color, exposure.
Those are just a FEW of the things you have to consider when you're trying to capture the precise details of what you've created.

Ugh.  It's so hard.

But I had an idea.

Why not set up a small space in my home to photograph my work in the context where I personally would place it?  Why not make it easier for a buyer to visualize where he/she would actually hang one of my paintings?

So I gathered up a few of my favorite things including old bird cages and books, shells and rocks, and I purchased a new lamp at an antique store (for $5) and installed it with a new shade and sunlight bulbs.  I then stacked the objects on some of my vintage art books, threw in a couple of smaller details, and with a nice borrowed camera...


New pictures!
Click on any of the images to see more.

I've got many more to take, but I thought I'd share my idea with you in case you ever struggle with the same kind of thing.  I'm faaar from a being a pro, so I'd love to hear any tips you might have if photography is one of your talents!  I appreciate all of your feedback! 
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