May 9, 2012

Watercolor on paper, mounted
not yet for sale
I intended to wait before sharing my latest painting, but I just couldn't!  After all, I'm still thinking of the story I'd like it to tell, still writing the poem, still editing the final image from the two scans, still getting all my process pictures together to make a video.  Not to mention she still needs a title! I guess I'm just afraid that if I didn't post it today, I'd move quickly on to my next project without giving her proper introduction {not that this is, in any way, a proper introduction}.

So there you have it!
My busy weekend forced me into the studio upon my return, cleaning, unpacking, assessing the damage, organizing.  The show went well, but it always takes me several days to recover.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get my feet back on the ground running, but for now, this painting is nearly all I have to show for myself!
Hope you like her.  {She's who I had in mind with this previous post.}
More to come.

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