May 4, 2012

Finally finished! {and a show}

Collecting Antlers
8x10 in Watercolor on paper, mounted
Remember waaaay back in November when I first showed you this wintery painting?  Sigh.  I found it, half finished, beneath a pile of papers on my desk, sadly neglected and slightly forgotten.  Well, good news!  She's finally come out of hibernation.  And it's a good thing she's got those boots on because she'll be trekking up and over state for my first art show this season!

Saturday marks the opening of art show season for me.  I'm so excited for this one day event hosted by the Audubon Society of Madison, Wisconsin.  Audubon means hopefully I'll be seeing lots and lots of birds- both in life and in painting.  If you live in the area, stop by and see me at my indoor booth.   Oh!  And if all goes well with my computer skills, I'll have something special to show you next stay tuned.

And happy weekend!
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