October 8, 2012

Tag and the 88

Tag and the 88
original oil on canvas, 22x28"

With the gallery reception behind me I can finally take a deep breath and reset my focus.  These past few weeks have felt to me a little something like an emerging.  A transformation.   My studio has been my cocoon for the past month and suddenly I found myself thrust into the bright sun light, ready to face the big and dangerous world, eager to stretch and show off my new found wings.

Now that's it over my focus and purpose has changed and things like relishing the Fall weather, seasonal cooking, day trips and mini-vacations, pumpkin patches, and new Fall paintings are all tantalizingly real possibilities!

Which brings me to Tag, my husband's white quarter horse featured (for sale) here.  Every year around this time Seth and I take several state-wide horse and mule riding trips.  Just last week was such a trip, for Seth anyways.  I had to stay home and prepare for the gallery opening.  But, I think in the next few weeks, now that my time has been freed up, we'll drive out one day and ride through an equestrian park or something fairly close to home.

I wanted to feature this painting today because I love Tag so much and find him to be one of the most beautiful and elegant horses.  I'm sure he'll be featured in many more paintings to come!

Seth and Tag

Jamie and Tag
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