November 28, 2012

Oh deer,

As if fuzzy mule ears weren't enough, here I come with a long-eye-lashed baby deer!  I can't tell you enough how much I love living in near the country.  Although this past summer drought cost so many deer their lives and gave the hunters a poor first season, there are still some light-footed white tails leaping through the fields and woods near our home in middle Illinois.  We have, according to my sources, some of the best and biggest white tail deer around.  How lucky we are!

Lucky indeed, to see little Bambi up close and to pet his thick soft fur.  Apparently we just missed his spots too, shed off in exchange for a warmer winter coat.  But still, these pictures make me smile every time!  Since he's not mine, I'm careful not to say too much.   Know this: he's well loved and looked after and has got me thinking these days about reindeer for some reason...but more on that later. :)
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