March 11, 2013

12 Bird Challenge: Barn Owl

Barn Owl
Watercolor & ink on paper, 11x14 inches mounted

Today marks the first day of my painting challenge and a very busy week and a half to come!  I'm especially excited for this first one as it is my favorite bird: the beautifully eery barn owl.  Smooth and sleek with white and gray feathers and the most delicate textures and patterns on its back and neck.  The base of the painting is watercolor with shimmery gold and gray inks layered on top.  I really wish it wasn't such a gloomy day or I'd hold the bird up to the window and show you how its wings shine!  Oh, and the sides are painted gold.  Sigh.  So hard to show in a can kind of tell by comparing the barn owl to the unfinished board hanging underneath.

I'll have another bird for you tomorrow and then for 10 more days after.  Feel free to follow along with this painting challenge or join if you want!  Happy Monday!
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