March 12, 2013

12 Bird Challenge: Peacock

Big & Beautiful Peacock
Watercolor and ink on paper, 12x24"

Have you ever seen a peacock up close?  They are stunning. A few summers ago I was drawing at the zoo and snapped a photo of one resting on the ground (see it right there on my painting?) with all of its feathers tucked neatly to its side.  I tend to like them more when they're not in full display, just sitting on a tree branch or walking slowly on the ground.  That tail felt like painting the tail of a mermaid and those patterns on its back required the purchasing of a few new angled brushes.  This one shimmers too, just like yesterday's barn owl.  I think I used around five different brushes to get all of those textures. So much fun and more birds to come!

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