March 15, 2013

12 Bird Challenge: Cocky California Quail

Cocky California Quail
Original Watercolor on paper, 8x8" round

Day 5 of the 12 Bird Challenge! I'm nearly halfway and loving every minute. Today's bird, the California Quail is cocky and proud, strutting about for all the ladies, boasting his glimmering golden breast and brilliant pattern. His neck is dark like a blue starry night. He knows he's beautiful, a sight to behold, and I have to admit this attitude is what I think I like most about him.  His confidence is contagious, don't you think? It reminds me of that quote by the great Beyonce, "He walks like this cuz he can back it up."

*This painting is part of a 12 Bird Challenge running from now until March 22nd.  All paintings will be for sale on the 25th.
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