March 14, 2013

12 Bird Challenge: Red Tailed Hawk

Red Tailed Hawk
Watercolor & Ink on paper, mounted 11x14"

Yesterday I took a drive into town, the roads winding through back country farms past fields of cows and pastures of horses. I really love where I live and am so thankful for the inspiration all around me, even in the simple ways I experience it, like watching puffed up Red Tailed Hawks balance on top of skinny telephone poles, eyeing the ground (and me) for anything suspicious. They are so gorgeous with their layers of rusty feathers and big golden feet. That fierce gaze. 

Sometimes, when the snow starts falling and the wind picks up, I see them swooping between trees and resting high up on the top branches, covered in a layer of pretty white flakes like they're wearing a white fur coat. They are so tough, these birds, and so abundant around these parts. How lucky am I to see them as often as I do, and now to have one to accompany my growing wall of birds (I'll show you that soon).

*This painting is part of a 12 Bird Challenge running from now until March 22nd.  All paintings will be for sale on the 25th.
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