March 18, 2013

12 Bird Challenge: Dark Raven

Dark Raven
Watercolor and Ink on paper, mounted 8x10"

When I considered giving myself this painting challenge, I think I forgot how much I enjoy my days off. Since becoming a full time artist I've gotten quite used to long hours and working weekends as I can never really seem to stop thinking about work. I've really had to try hard to keep a day of rest in there somewhere, and this painting challenge certainly hasn't helped me do that! Nonetheless, at the end of it I'll be happy looking back at 12 finished paintings. I just love seeing them all together hanging on my studio wall (pictures to come)!

This raven is a little expression of my dark side, which really isn't all that dark but mostly consists of moody purples and blues. I imagine him with a slightly deeper voice (because, duh, he can obviously talk), friendly and talkative but misunderstood. Ravens always get a bad rap as do most black birds with greasy feathers. But I'll tell you what- I really don't mind them at all.

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