March 19, 2013

12 Bird Challenge: Love at First Sight Swans

Love at First Sight Swans
Watercolor and Ink on paper, mounted 16x20"

Sometimes photos are deceptively beautiful (eh hem...Pinterest), and other times they just don't do a thing justice. This is one of those latter cases where the photo just isn't up to par. I've been so obsessed lately with the combination of watercolor and ink. Can you see in the last photo how the silver  is metallic and reflects the light from different angles? Take all the grays from the top photo and imagine them shifting to a shimmery white then back to gray again as you move past the painting. It's pretty rad, and I plan to show you through video just how cool all of these birds look in the right light. So stay tuned!

Now, let's talk for a minute about romance, shall we? Have you ever been in love? If so, do you remember those butterfly-in-the-stomach moments when you first locked eyes or touched arms or sat so close you could smell him? Because this painting is all about those feelings. He notices her beauty from across the pond and swims toward her. They lock eyes and she blushes and turns away. It's that moment of anticipation and expectation and anxiety. I want you to feel a little bit of that when you see this painting. I want you to wonder what will happen next. ;)

*This painting is part of a 12 Bird Challenge running from now until March 22nd.  All paintings will be for sale on the 25th.
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