April 11, 2012

A little something

I'm popping in today, not because I have much to say, but to simply share a new painting in progress { #3 in The Rider's Series } and to get myself back into the rountine of blogging after almost five days of no phone, no computer, and no tv!  It was slightly disorienting...ok, majorly disorienting to shut my "routine" down for almost a week and live out in a cabin in the woods where the only thing on the agenda is which trail to ride and what meal to share.

And chores, of course.
Riding horses requires a great deal of work.

My focus this month is getting as much painting done as humanly possible.  Shows and outdoor festivals are just around the bend with my first one May 5th.  So far I'm really loving The Riders Series and enjoying the steady flow of ideas that seem to pop into my head throughout the day.  How are you liking it? 

Oh!  Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes!  I really love hearing from you all and appreciate your feedback so much!
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