March 21, 2013

12 Bird Challenge: Goldeneyed Swimmer

Little Quacker
Watercolor and Ink on paper, mounted 8x10"

Last summer I visited Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago after a few days of visiting this girl. It was a little overcast and the zoo was large and open with very few people. The trees and flowers were in full bloom and the shrubs were towering and overgrown just the way I love. There was a huge pond and bridge where hundreds of duck and swans and flamingos- birds of all kinds really- were  swimming and being fed. It was my paradise, and I've been wanting to paint a little black and white duck ever since. They are so cute and have the most gorgeous patterns with thick layers of downy feathers to wick away the water and keep them warm. And those great big feet just kill me.

So this little swimmer is actually called a Barrows Goldeneye, but since I always envision my characters with personality I gave him a new name and a little hat with movement in his legs. Like he's swimming and darting here and there and quacking at all the other ducks in the pond. Just doing what cute ducks do.

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