March 22, 2013

12 Bird Challenge: Three Tiny Hummers

Three Tiny Hummers
Watercolor and Ink on paper, mounted 12x12"

Less than two weeks ago these walls in my office studio (just right of where I'm sitting now) were bare and boring. Now they're filled with birds! My last painting in this 12 Bird Challenge is a group of three bright hummingbirds. They are tiny but loud and love to sing sing sing!

Growing up my parents would always have hummingbird feeders outside the kitchen windows. They were obsessed. Whenever one of us saw a little hummer we'd yell "hummingbird!" and whoever cared (typically only my parents and my nerd self) would run into the room to catch a quick glimpse. Sometimes I don't realize how big of a nerd I am until I tell a story like that. Or until one of my three sisters reminds me. :)

Anyways, they are all done now! Phew. I am glad about that. All the paintings will be available for purchase via my Etsy shop on Monday, March 25th at 9 am CST. I'll have one last post for you on Monday with a link and a last surprise. In the meantime I'll be busy getting the listings ready and taking photos! Thank you so much for following along! I've been loving all the feedback on Facebook and Instagram.

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