August 4, 2011

July giveaway winner!

Congratulations Katherine Ross has selected your number to be my lucky winner
for the month of July!
(Katherine, please email me your shipping information.  Thanks!)
Katherine will receive my first art print for free to celebrate my latest series.
Most of the original paintings from this series are already up for sale,
and the prints will enter the shop shortly (I'll let you know exactly when soon).
Some of the prints I'll be offering will be reproductions of paintings like

Here's another peek at Katherine's prize...
Her Fancy Ride

Thanks to everyone who entered!
I'm already thinking of what I'll be giving away next month.

Now here's a few new original paintings I'd like to share...
Bear and His Friends 6x6 in Watercolor on paper

"They were an unlikely trio, the bear and his two raccoon sidekicks, but they simply wouldn't tolerate the nonsense of those who told them they should not be friends. And, despite the gossip, they continued to meet every day at the gray rock to plan their next big (and mostly dangerous) adventure."

The Storytelling Moose 6x6 in Watercolor on paper

"They gathered from far and wide to hear his tales of adventure and heroism,
for he was known to be the best story-teller in all the wooded land."

Now, I've got at least 5 more paintings in the works right now, so come back soon to see more.

Happy Thursday!
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